5 Amazing benefits of using medicine ball

Medicine balls are one of the fitness tools. They were used by ancient gladiators and Persian athletes as a form of strength and conditioning. Fast forward today, medicine balls are used by elite athletes as well as fitness enthusiasts for abdominal muscle building. Although they come in different types and weight, they are suitable for all fitness levels. To understand more, here are some of the benefits of training with medicine balls;


Although medicine balls are usually associated with core exercises, they can also be used for upper and lower body workouts. You simply have to vary the way you use the ball so as to get full body workout.

In addition, medicine ball allows you to make multiple movements which are essential in building strength. As such you can use a medicine ball in place of dumbbells and bars so as to increase your range of motion. This also allows you to practice a wide range of exercises from squats, deadlifts, and lunges among others.

Core strength

Building core strength is one of the major benefits of incorporating medicine balls into your workout routine. For instance, when doing pushups or planks you try using medicine balls when doing these moves. This creates an unstable base forcing your core to keep switched on by making the exercise challenging. As a result, it strengthens the muscles in your abdomen and back which helps with posture as well as minimize lower back pains.

Building explosive strength

Building explosive power is something elite as well as amateur athlete aim to develop for maximum sports performance. It entails to the ability to exert the maximum amount of power in the shortest time possible. Such power is also useful when exercising so as to get the most of out of the exercising session.

Plyometric exercises which tend to focus on building explosive strength are best performed using medicine balls. In turn, this increases the challenge thus burning more calories. Additionally, it strengthens the fast-twitch muscle fibers which are important for strength and power.

Develop coordination and balance

If you want to increase your coordination and balance, medicine balls are a must-have accessory. By simply throwing a medicine ball it helps improve your hand-eye coordination as well as flexibility.

When exercising with a medicine ball, your movements are pushed by the weight of the ball. Consequently, your muscles are coordinated to try stopping the movement of the added weight. This coordination of muscles to stop a fluid movement promotes flexibility, especially in joints.

Moreover, exercising with a medicine ball when off-balance strengthens the core muscles that are necessary for maintaining a good balance. With a good balance, you are able to exercise efficiently and safely as well as enjoy the benefits of a good balance in your everyday life.

Medicine balls are fun

Medicine balls are fun to exercise with as since they allow you to work out on a couple of exercises. Unlike exercising with other equipment, with a medicine ball you are not limited to the number of moves or workouts. You can toss it, throw it or even roll it over. It makes exercising enjoyable allowing you to focus on what you are doing.

Besides, medicine balls are training partner friendly meaning more fun. It can be thrown between two or more training partners and depending on how the passes are made, different muscles are exercised.

Medicine balls are a good way of adding variety into your workout session. Although they may not be a match to the high-tech fitness equipment, medicine balls can still be trusted to deliver effective results.